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Ways Of Word




Ways of Word | Micro-Prose is a cooperative, free-will writing project,

conceived & strung together by NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill and claimed
as a 1st in 3D blocky world publishing - on MineTest 5.4.1
Start creative writing and drop your stress levels. Be part of the story.

Ways Of Word is a grassroots and independent creative writing project intended as not-for-profit and educational.



Dear reader,


This project was developed specifically to be inclusive of populations and persons with wholly outdated computer systems.

This 3D expressive creative English (thus far) project, single-player video game platform can run well on computer systems which are easily 12 years old +
Now a new, additional, Ways Of Word realm (alongside the original 64 bit version) has been evolved to actually be able to function on even extremely LOW end 32 Bit systems with only 2GB RAM and e.g. an N450 CPU (without threads). Therefore, extra writing for all, no matter how small!


Respectful good wishes, Mickey McNeill of | wow.Irish |



Ways Of Word |

On-line. Mike McNeill (McNeillServices), Waehring, 1180, Wien, AT.


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